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Forktown loves Portland’s food scene and its independent, creative, big-hearted businesses. We value the history and character of its neighborhoods. We aim to create tours that are fun, delicious, and cultivate appreciation for local food and culture. Meet our team below.  Contact us directly for more information about our tours and other fun things to do in Portland, Oregon.


Heidi Burnette 


Hi! I've had the pleasure of being a tour guide worldwide since 2005 when I became a certified tour guide through the International Tour Management Institute in San Francisco. I've guided tours in so many fantastic locales, including Italy, Spain, China and Australia. Of all the places I have traveled, my favorite place to lead tours is right here in Portland. As a Portland resident since 2002, I love the diversity and energy of the culinary scene. What could be more fun than leading visitors and locals alike on walking tours, tasting some of the best food and drink Portland has to offer? My team & I can’t wait to share some of our favorite places with you!

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Laurel MacMillan

Tour Operations & Tour Guide

Hi! I'm Laurel and I work in operations and I'm also a guide at Forktown. I'm a pretty typical Oregonian--I love to explore the outdoors, see live music at night, drink coffee, and most importantly--eat local! Eating out is probably my biggest hobby.  I wasn't always such a foodie though. In a sense, my  passion for fresh and local food blossomed as the Portland food scene grew over the past sixteen years since I moved here. What I love about Portland is the sense of community and belonging every resident shares.  When I'm not working at Forktown, I'm organizing  familiarization tours of the Portland Region for the International Tourism team at Travel Portland. Previously, I spent 15 years planning and implementing a variety of community and economic development strategies in Oregon, from grassroots rural tourism development to managing a portfolio of environmental grants. I like to say I know a little bit about everything and I'd love to share my insights with you!

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Arielle Adkin

tour Operations & tour guidE

Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Arielle Adkin is classically trained as an oil-painter. After finishing art school she promptly moved to Portland, Oregon, seeking intimate neighborhoods and fresh cultural experiences. Seven years ago she was lured into the thriving food industry, serving at a locally renowned Italian restaurant by night and working in her studio by day. She brings all of her knowledge of the Portland’s food industry having lived the life combined with her vast knowledge of  the arts and culture scene to every Forktown tour. She is a girl about town who is inspired everyday by Portland vibrant city life and the soft nature that surrounds our rainy home. 

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Amy Theberge

Tour guide

My love of food stemmed from childhood. When I was a little, I loved to sit on the counter and watch my Grandmother as she threw together elaborate pastas out of cheap pantry items, desserts out of forgotten items from the freezer and a Thanksgiving meal that you wouldn't believe! She inspired me to love the process of cooking and how food brings people together. I feel lucky to live in a place where farmer's markets, urban wineries and local restaurants are as countless as the Portland raindrops! The food community is what I really love about this town: unpretentious restaurants with world class dishes and wine, with a friendly face behind every bar.  Leading culinary walking tours since 2012 has allowed me to introduce people from all over the world to the congenial proprietors and delicious ingredients and dishes Portland have to offer! What more could a girl want?


Ahna Austin

tour guide

Well I guess the biggest thing about me is I have a huge passion for food (no kidding!). As in where the ingredient came from, how to use it, and of course cooking it. I have been a personal chef for 5 years and love every second of it. I lived in Hawaii for 4 years and enjoyed all the fresh produce and fruit anyone could ask for. After a long journey on the islands I set back on my quest. I landed outside of Oregon working at a hot springs retreat center as one of their chefs. Now I live in the culinary capital and enjoy all the quality fresh ingredients that are so readily available and of course exploring the amazing array of restaurants.